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Theological debates get my goat #smbc

Saturday. Morning. Breakfast. Cereal.  That is all. Really must finish off that King James Bible project. Read the thing, just didn’t blog as I went… Advertisements

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Repost: “Turkey, Brazil, Prism – what is going on? Cultural Global Civil War”

Yep.  What Robert said; Turkey, Brazil, Prism – what is going on? Cultural Global Civil War Marko Djurica/Reuters I am sure that you , like me, have been wondering what is going on as seemingly small issues such as bus … Continue reading

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Got the “I am ethical” badge, and so now can do whatever I like! Woohooooo!!!!

As a Good Person, anything I do – if my intentions are pure – is beyond moral questioning. Sound familiar? It is basically Tony Blair’s response to any questions about enabling Dick and George and Donald and all those chickenhawks … Continue reading

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Audacious, Cretaceous and Outrageous! or “Tyrannosaurus Sex!”

Via Boing Boing

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The wisdom of crowds versus theodicy; theodicy wins.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a brilliant mix of cheap knob gags and the Big Questions. Here’s the latest below.  

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Imagine My Surprise…

My friend Marc Roberts put together a fantastic cartoon a few years ago. Here it is as a youtube, with L. Cohen accompanying (unless you’re in Germany, where the video is blocked…)

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Hilarious protest placard

Not words that you often see. Justified…

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