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Chomsky on “Real Existing Capitalist Democracy” (RECD)

Awesomeness from Noam Chomsky (well, duh). All of it, but this – In the past, the United States has sometimes, kind of sardonically, been described as a one-party state: the business party with two factions called Democrats and Republicans. That’s … Continue reading

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Everyone’s brain has islands of sense in seas of nonsense #chomsky #chomskyhaters

Marilyn Robinson said words to that effect in her “Mother Country” book about Sellafield (that Greenpeace, noted champions of free speech, sued into oblivion in the UK). It comes to mind in this telling anecdote, from a blog I’ve just … Continue reading

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Chomsky: after the Guardian hatchet job, read the Salon piece

If you read that pathetic hatchet job from the Guardian (they somehow didn’t find space to mention the apology they had to write about him in 2005), then I suggest you wash out the taste from your mouth by reading … Continue reading

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Chomsky, the FT and new frugal Dwight

It had been going so well.  I’d walked down the aisles of the supermarket with my new belt-tightening brain in gear.  Past the empty calories of sugar. Past the booze (never – thank gaia – a need of mine).  And … Continue reading

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Between the devil and the deep blue unions

“Suppose the devil were bargaining for the soul of some poor wretch and someone, moved by pity, should step in and say to the devil: “It’s a shame for you to bid so low; the commodity is worth at least … Continue reading

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Youtube: The Propaganda Model

More or less. Herman and Chomsky, with knob gags…

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Slavery and genocide as “severe forms of market interference”

Chomsky being wry Very high protection was only one of the devices of state intervention in the economy. There are many others, which aren’t studied by economic historians, but they’re there. So consider cotton, which was the fuel of the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mrs Towers defends fritterature

So, apparently I’ve become Mrs T for this purpose. Mildly ironic, since in the 3 months and 13 days (yep, I’m counting) we’ve been in Australia I’ve been getting low-level grief from Mr T’s real family for not changing my … Continue reading

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Links 2011-2-23: Chomsky, Mason, Sophie Scholl

The BBC’s Paul Mason has a highly readable and thought-provoking overview of current North African/Middle Eastern events Revolutions: the democracy thing is becoming an economic thing Three excerpts: If you read about the life of Mohamed Bouazizi, who burned himself … Continue reading

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The Middle East: Who let the dogs out?

Following up from Chomsky’s forensic analysis, here’s a short provocative piece by Robert Paterson about Middle Eastern policy and who is allowed to behave abominably. Do note, he’s deploying simile, not metaphor. My main quibble with his thesis would be … Continue reading

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