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Journalists in “easily duped” shocker

From the superb “On this Deity” Lee & Shlain, in their book Acid Dreams, relate that on one occasion “a journalist from the Saturday Evening Post dropped by the [Diggers’] Free Store and asked to speak with the manager. He … Continue reading

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Journalists as establishment stooges

from Selling Science: How the Press Covers Science and TechnologyDorothy Nelkin 1987 When journalists do cover occupational health issues they go to official sources rather than to workers. In 1976 a dramatic incident took place at the electric boat shipyard … Continue reading

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Robust description of reporters!!

They weren’t reporters. I’ve made a study of reporters – they work in all weathers, don’t sleep enough and get a lot of colds. They have flaky skins and bits of tissue stick to their clothes and bulge their pockets. … Continue reading

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Er, won’t that have been in his job description??

Props to this honest hack, but is anyone surprised from the Grauniad? “Richard Peppiatt admits producing fictional stories about celebrities and accuses [the Daily Star] of inciting ‘anti-Muslim’ tensions” Reporting on his “take this job and shove it” letter to … Continue reading

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Onion: Reporter For High School Newspaper Most Professional Journalist In Nation

All hail The Onion!!! February 2, 2011 | ISSUE 47•05 YAKIMA, WA—According to sources, sophomore Melanie Finkelstein, a reporter for Yakima High School’s Eagle Eye student newspaper, is, as of Tuesday, the most competent and professional journalist in the nation. … Continue reading

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Pimps, drug pushers and Journalists. And hypocrites. Oh my.

When I was about 17, my father – a journo – said “Pimp, drug pusher or journalist. You go into any of those jobs and I am disowning you.” Two decades and some change on, I’m beginning to see his … Continue reading

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Journalistic decline

“We old-fashioned types expect industrialists to understand how their machines work; we expect chief constables to know what it’s like to arrest a miscreant on the street; we believe journalists are enormously improved by knowing the hell that breaks loose … Continue reading

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Newspapers and their Meaning(s)

What does your reading of a particular newspaper say about you? Reading ANY newspaper (and here I exclude the Commuter McNuggets of the Metro) says that you’re part of a dying breed- young hip folks get what infotainment they need … Continue reading

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