Monthly Archives: August 2008

Hmm, forms of procrastination

A largely “wasted” day Saturday. Could have been doing useful things with my life, stretching myself, producing things that other people find useful.Instead… read two so-so whodunnits/thrillers set in Australia, and then washed that down with Clive James essays from … Continue reading

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Movies I’d like to see

OK, a short list so far, but… Paul Greengrass directing Matt Damon as “Macbeth”I don’t think (and can’t be bothered to check imdb) that anyone’s done a movie version of Macbeth since Roman Polanski. And I can’t think of anyone … Continue reading

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Reading on the Stepper- ROTS the brain

Ah, only a year and a week.Been busy. Now going to start posting stuff here occasional burblings. Various blogs need starting, IMHO– “Reading on the Stepper”- ROTS the brain. As part of attempt to capture a bit more of what … Continue reading

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