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Green with… self-loathing

It’s one of those things that I learn and ‘forget’ (i.e. repress). It’s one of those things that, in a sane world, they would have on the curriculum in ‘schools’ (digression: I wonder what schools would look like in a … Continue reading

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Making a parachute as you fall

I was at a truly terrifying conference the week before last (of which more later). And it occurred to happy-thoughts-me that our species is placing rather a lot of faith in its smarts/ability to roll with the punches. How much? … Continue reading

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Reaping as we’ve sown?

The doomer porn (and I hold up my hand to having wallowed in it and transmitted [more than] my share) has its consequences… Here below is from a post called “Collapse Porn” on the site Climate Denial (not an endorsement … Continue reading

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Culture-shifting, Dickwad Uncles and tooling up for those teachable moments

Attention Conservation Notice: Long (and possibly overbearing/patronising/sententious post about how to deal with denialists in difficult “non”-political settings. This post is a sequel of sorts to this here about the difference (or overlap, I would argue) between social movements and … Continue reading

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Banquo’s Ghost – of white guilt, black faces and green bile

Australians live in paradise. The sun shines on golden beaches, the food is fresh and varied, the economy is booming. People’s cups are running over. But there’s a ghost at the banquet. Not every sees it. Most everyone tries hard … Continue reading

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Humour: “The end is near….”

This is from Tandberg, in the (Melbourne) Age, presumably in response to the Queensland floods. Here is more of his work (he’s won a whole armful or three of awards).

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A species determined to kill itself

Sometimes the blog posts just write themselves Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Climb as Economy Recovers EXETER, UK, November 22, 2010 (ENS) – Global emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide are likely to reach record levels in 2010, according to … Continue reading

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