Who to feel sorriest for? The hack? The kids? The readers? The mums?

Sometimes you just have to weep for this species.

The front page of the Manchester Evening News for Mon 24th September 2012 was taken up with NAKED MEN IN THE POOL RUINED MY 7-YEAR-OLD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY “Mums shield youngsters’ eyes as naturist swim session begins while their celebrations are still going on near viewing area”.

You weep for the journalist (Paul Britton) who has to write up such tosh and keep a straight face. Not exactly Press Awards stuff is it?

You weep for the people who buy this paper, presumably because they want to be informed about what is going on in the city, the challenges it faces, the efforts being made (and not being made) to meet those challenges.

You weep for the children, who learn the lesson that human bodies are something to be ashamed of. (You weep for the partners that these children will have, ten or twenty years hence).

You weep for the mothers, who must be dominated by fear all their waking (and non-waking?) hours.

Excerpts –
“Centre bosses had stuck bin bags and paper over the canteen windows. But parents say they had to stand guard at cracks between the bin bags and at the doors of a balcony to make sure the children didn’t see [the naturists].”

“I’m fuming. If we had not been vigilant the children would have seen everything and that would have been a disaster” Yeah, well, good luck with your vigilance in a world of, you know, mobile phones, the internet and the like.  And good luck teaching them risk perception and avoidance.
DISCLAIMER: Dwight Towers has no children.

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2 Responses to Who to feel sorriest for? The hack? The kids? The readers? The mums?

  1. normanbateman says:

    Our grandaughters ,when aged 8and10 enjoyed mixed nude swimming along with us at naturist club swims.They understand that being naked is natural.Where is the problem?

  2. Jayac says:

    this infuriates me. as a nudist myself, to learn that parents are essentially encouraging children to believe that nudity is shameful and wrong, is very concerning. I wasn’t a nudist as a child – but getting changed at the pools, you saw plenty of naked bodies. Who the hell cares? I’m not mentally scarred for life just because I saw a penis!

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