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The Perils of Positive Feedback(s). Nowt to do with Climate, everything to do with the Smugosphere

If you don’t already know about “positive feedbacks” in biology (release of oxytocin during childbirth) and earth systems (melting ice exposes dark ocean, increasing warming, melting ice…) then go google it. I’m here to talk about the dangers of collecting … Continue reading

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Tactic #001 – “change the subject” SWPAfSLetal

I managed not to laugh when the Leninist said – straight-faced – that there was a difference between “top-down” and “democratic socialism.” I managed not to howl with mirth when she explained that Lenin had to abolish the soviets (workers … Continue reading

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Awesome essential-reading feminist novel about activism and war; Mud by Nicky Edwards

I have a short list of books about activism that I think are excellent. Non-exhaustively, it includes the following Vida by Marge Piercy Death is Part of the Process by Hilda Bernstein Local Deities by Agnes Bushell (incidentally, her other … Continue reading

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“getting in the way of politics” #leninists #epic-fail #unintentionallyhilarious #smugosphere

Politics, it seems, is what happens when a bunch of people sit at the front of a room talking at a passive audience, allowing them to ask questions of one or more of the speakers.  If you challenge that, you … Continue reading

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“De-fragging the movement” or “The definition of insanity…”

I went to the first half of an event today that was all about how important it is to organise (hold meetings, “do” activism) differently. From one hundred feet up the meeting would have appeared to be almost EXACTLY like … Continue reading

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Movement-building gimmick: “the skills in the room go round and round…”

So, in my unpaid consultant (cough cough) role today, I was ad-libbing about how you could make everyone in the room – from hardened activist to starry-eyed “newbie” (terrible phrase that it is) – see that their contribution is both … Continue reading

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Of Holy Roman Empires and #Manchester People’s Assemblies. Change? Plus ca change…

I may be suffering from premature exasperation, it’s true. But last Tuesday night’s little (alright, large) smugathon perturbed me mightily. The organisers had got Mark Steel (yesterday’s darling) and Owen “Chavs” Jones (today’s darling) along. This on its own was … Continue reading

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Petitions and the smugosphere – bwahahahaha

From here. Hat-tip to Sam

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Guest post: “Take up activism”

Inspired by a rant about the utter ineptitude of an activist discussion last Sunday, I’ve been sent this by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Let’s start by saying I’m a big fan of the ‘Give Up Activism‘ critique! I … Continue reading

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