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“Pulse” and “press” disturbances…

Well, this is useful (to me at least)… A disturbance that occurs as a relatively discrete event in time is referred to here as a “pulse” disturbance, while more gradual or cumulative pressure on a system is referred to as … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Wind farms unscathed

There have been dickheadish allegations flying around on the BBC that wind farms would have made the Japanese shituation deadlier. Well, there are wind farms, and they are still there, and they are producing much needed electricity. This is a … Continue reading

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(Imagine it with a zombie voice-  Bbbraaaiinnnsss!!!) This from a clean-up/delete-binge of my cluttered desktop – “And it struck me – this is what’s most wrong with the ad as a campaign piece.  It makes the audience feel stupid.  It … Continue reading

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Skynet Manque

Have been reading a bit around how the military functions and plans missions (see wikipedia on fireteams, mett-cc, smeac etc.) I’m not particularly a fan of going “kinetic” against people in their own countries who have done nothing to us, … Continue reading

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PR tricks 101

The latest Campaign Strategy newsletter(61) is out now. Three pages of considered wisdom, this time on the BP oil spill. This bit (of many) struck me – No doubt some in BP know the PR industry formula for such events: … Continue reading

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Mr. Lava Lava

Sorry, but “no pun too weak” is my policy. Anyhow, now we seem to be returning to normal (Chris Rose, uber-smart author of ‘how to win campaigns’ and the Campaign Strategy newsletter suspects that we will sink back into blithe … Continue reading

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