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Understatement of the week- Ben Goldacre tenacious

Went to the wonderful “Geek Girls” event about wordpress today, at MadLab. Met Mike Little, who was – like the other people there – the picture of affability and helpfulness. He and I had a brief conversation about reputation management … Continue reading

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What have ye done?

About 15 years ago I stumbled upon a great essay by Samuel Johnson called “What Have Ye Done?” Here’s a youtube presentation. For any Americans who may have wandered in, the bit at 3 mins 44 is irony. And since … Continue reading

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The falseness of flipcharts

Have just endured another horrific meeting. Two hours was the total time, and the first person to speak who wasn’t the chair or the guest speaker (managed to spend 35 minutes on a 20 minute presentation) opened their mouth fifty … Continue reading

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Confidence and competence

A week or so ago (like, forever in Internet time) I replied to a friend’s Facebook comment (a meat-space friend, that is, you know, who I drink beer with) about competence. I cited a piece about Dick(head) Cheney written in … Continue reading

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Reposting about time wasted

Hmm, just spent a lovely day with the missus. Watched a film I haven’t seen for 20 years (a lot crapper than I remember- I should leave good memories alone!) and also “The Good Shepherd,” which I thought was bloody … Continue reading

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Beyond the Banality Point?

Here we go again. Another daring and innovative idea, another belly-flop. Last night went to the launch of “Beyond the Tipping Point? Conversations on Climate, Action and the Future.” There’s lot to say around this subject, on topics like Terror … Continue reading

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Ritualised ‘resistance’ – ESF to Climate Camp

Have just ploughed through enough of my reading (lots of Red Peppers) to get to “Meaning in Movement: An ideational analysis of Sheffield-based Protest Networks Contesting Globalisation and War” by Kevin Gillan. I started reading it years ago, and liked … Continue reading

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