Signal from the noise

Here you will find details of the photos and clips used in my 9 minute (bring popcorn, and a pillow!) youtube that hops and skips through the last 70 or so years of history… It is *massively* Eurocentric, for reasons of space and narrative ‘clarity.’

First, the video clips
Nixon’s resignation
Stephen Schneider
Clinton’s denial
The Carbon tracker
Larsen B disintegrating

The music
David Rovics “Here at the End of the World”
Midnight Oil “Read all about it”

The stills
The world war 2 shots
Tanks – Poland invaded, stukas dive-bombing, Hitler in Paris, a spitfire, invasion of Russia, Pearl Harbour, the battle for the Atlantic, the Kokoda trail, Auschwitz, D-day, Battle of the Bulge, Soviet flag in Berlin, Kamikazi, Hiroshima…

The graph of everything kicking off from about 1950 is from a presentation by Will Steffen at a conference in Melbourne in July 2011. (Scroll down to session 10)

The Jetsons represent ecological modernisation (link)…
Joe McCarthy
The Rosenbergs
Stalin, beginning his rot in hell
Dien Bien Phu
Rosa Parks
Soviet invasion of Hungary
Suez Canal attack
Little Rock
Charles David Keeling
Passenger Jet Travel (see No Highway by Nevil Shute!)
The Kitchen Debate
Fidel Castro
Gary Powes
Greensboro sit in
Eisenhower warns over Military Industrial Complex. And the military industrial oedipal complex.
Yuri Gagarin
Bay of pigs
The Berlin wall
Silent Spring (on impacts science, see this other video)
Cuban Missile Crisis
Civil Rights demonstration
LBJ sworn in
The Keeling Curve
Bobby Kennedy
Earth Day
Kent State
Nixon signs Clean Air Act
Yom Kippur War
First Oil Crisis
Vietnam tanks and evacuation of embassy
Carter’s solar panels
Jule Charney
Herman and Chomsky’s After the Cataclysm
Those dictators in full – Suharto, Hassan II, the Shah, Marcos, Mobutu, Chun Doo wan
for more on Carter’s support, see Stephen Zunes article
First World Climate Conference
Three Mile Island
Love Canal
Iranian Hostage Crisis, Desert One
Villach Conference
Ozone Hole
James Hansen
IPCC founded
George Bush Snr
Exxon Valdez
Tianneman Square
Berlin Wall comes down
On the Toronto meeting through to Rio and beyond, see greenpeace page
An Inconvenient Truth
IPCC on sea-level rise – see Fred Pearce’s reporting in February 2007 New Scientist
Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change
Bali Roadmap
Greenwash cartoon
Man covering eyes is Yvo de Boer
Titanic Cartoon is by David Horsey
Captain Renault (Claude Raines, in Casablanca)

The books, speeches and articles
1957 Suess and Revelle
1962 Silent Spring (which I’ve not read!)
1965 LBJ to congress
1967 The Cultural Roots of our Ecological Crisis by Lynn White
1968 Bobby Kennedy on GDP
1971 The Closing Circle (which I’ve not read!)
1975 Wally Broecker
1979 Charney Report
Global 2000 report to President
1981 Hansen et al
1989 Thatcher to UN
2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

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    Where you at, old friend? Hope all is well in your world.

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