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Anthropologist: “Empire tells great stories” Awesome article! #Eritrea #Academia #Ritual

You can’t do excerpts on something this good. You have to just put in a hyperlink and leave the click decision to your reader(s). http://thedisorderofthings.com/2013/03/18/in-praise-of-question-marks-reflections-on-critical-methodologies-narrative-voice-and-the-writing-of-the-political-the-limits-of-language/ Hat-tip to Mrs Towers.

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Pre-occupied with morbid symptoms

Attention Conservation Notice: a few hundred words on a hecture (hectoring lecture – see what I did there?) that I turned up late for (good move) and finally left (good move). Of interest to people who were there, or have … Continue reading

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Useless bloody academics

What is it with academics (with a few honorable exceptions, including you, Brian)?  You do the work, they want to study you and that work. You say yes, on condition that they do x (usually provide a transcript of interview/copy of … Continue reading

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Activist theorizing – why, who etc

I am pretty allergic to academics. I’m not an anti-intellectual, quite the opposite. It’s just that I think a lot of them are whores or parasites. Or both. (That said, some of my best friends are academics). Anyhows, I stumbled … Continue reading

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Are academics irrelevant?

And here was me thinking the question was a purely rhetorical one! But have just read Dr James “the change agency” Whelan’s 2002 paper, which gives “case studies of university collaboration with community-based environmental advocates”, and find the answer has … Continue reading

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Who’s SURI now?

More useful academics? What is the world coming to? Mike Hodson and Simon Marvin have written a clear and thought-provoking critique of “Urban Ecological Security”, teasing out its implications and suggesting an alternative research agenda (one that probably won’t be … Continue reading

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Knowing we’re doomed…

OK, so there’s this is a journal called “Global Environmental Change.” By academics and for academics, sadly. But we need to get outa our comfort zones. There’s a recent piece; “Policy responses to rapid climate change: An epistemological critique of … Continue reading

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Of academics and prejudice

I’ll admit it. I am prejudiced. Anti-semitic? No, some of my best friends are Jewish. Racist? Well, my previous partner was from Mali. Sexist? Well, the wife yells through from the kitchen to say not. No, my prejudice is reserved … Continue reading

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