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Anthropologist: “Empire tells great stories” Awesome article! #Eritrea #Academia #Ritual

You can’t do excerpts on something this good. You have to just put in a hyperlink and leave the click decision to your reader(s). http://thedisorderofthings.com/2013/03/18/in-praise-of-question-marks-reflections-on-critical-methodologies-narrative-voice-and-the-writing-of-the-political-the-limits-of-language/ Hat-tip to Mrs Towers.

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Pre-occupied with morbid symptoms

Attention Conservation Notice: a few hundred words on a hecture (hectoring lecture – see what I did there?) that I turned up late for (good move) and finally left (good move). Of interest to people who were there, or have … Continue reading

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Useless bloody academics

What is it with academics (with a few honorable exceptions, including you, Brian)?  You do the work, they want to study you and that work. You say yes, on condition that they do x (usually provide a transcript of interview/copy of … Continue reading

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Activist theorizing – why, who etc

I am pretty allergic to academics. I’m not an anti-intellectual, quite the opposite. It’s just that I think a lot of them are whores or parasites. Or both. (That said, some of my best friends are academics). Anyhows, I stumbled … Continue reading

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Are academics irrelevant?

And here was me thinking the question was a purely rhetorical one! But have just read Dr James “the change agency” Whelan’s 2002 paper, which gives “case studies of university collaboration with community-based environmental advocates”, and find the answer has … Continue reading

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Who’s SURI now?

More useful academics? What is the world coming to? Mike Hodson and Simon Marvin have written a clear and thought-provoking critique of “Urban Ecological Security”, teasing out its implications and suggesting an alternative research agenda (one that probably won’t be … Continue reading

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Knowing we’re doomed…

OK, so there’s this is a journal called “Global Environmental Change.” By academics and for academics, sadly. But we need to get outa our comfort zones. There’s a recent piece; “Policy responses to rapid climate change: An epistemological critique of … Continue reading

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