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Three stories about trust

I lend someone my video camera to take some footage, on the basis that he will meet me at place x at 11am the following day, because I need the camera to do some filming. He knows this.  I wait … Continue reading

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Death by a thousand insults – #climate change, social movement, individuals

What’s my contribution in the global scale of things? What harm am I doing by flying to Australia and back, in the face of a new power station every thirty seconds in China or India or somewhere like that. It … Continue reading

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Brilliant perspective on public versus private sector foul-ups!!

With wit and verve from here. So why do we hear so much about government failures and not about private sector ones? I have one word for you: accountability. Public organisations are taxpayer funded and are accountable to taxpayers via government … Continue reading

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The Perils of Positive Feedback(s). Nowt to do with Climate, everything to do with the Smugosphere

If you don’t already know about “positive feedbacks” in biology (release of oxytocin during childbirth) and earth systems (melting ice exposes dark ocean, increasing warming, melting ice…) then go google it. I’m here to talk about the dangers of collecting … Continue reading

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Funniest Onion video ever? Report on Franz Kafka International Airport…

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No, it’s not “violence against women” – it’s “men’s violence against women”

Powerful and insightful stuff from a man whose wife was murdered… While the vast majority of men abhor violence against women, those dissenting male voices are rarely heard in our public discourse outside of the “monster-rapist” narrative. Indeed, the agency … Continue reading

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Conservatives to announce spare kidney tax

Following the successful abolition of the spare room subsidy, Prime Minister David Cameron is set to announce a new debt-reduction initiative – a “spare kidney tax.” Under the scheme, to be officially announced at the Conservative Party Spring Conference in … Continue reading

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Shock to the system – be aware of what people do after they get hit by a car…

I was doing some recreational websurfing (what used to be called “killing time” back in the day) last night.  I went to one of my old faves – “I, Anonymous”.  Someone posted about how they tried to help a pedestrian … Continue reading

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Britain as EPI failure when it comes to worker participation. Whodathunkit? The European Participation Index (EPI) has calculated the participation of workers in 27 EU and EEA countries by combining the aggregate scores of their plant-level participation, board-level participation, collective bargaining coverage and trade-union density. Britain scores 26th out of … Continue reading

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Three crap jokes…

  “We’d like to make a pun about herbs, or fish, but this is neither the thyme nor the plaice.” A skeleton walks into a bar and says to the bartender “I’d like a pint and a mop.” People accuse … Continue reading

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