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Doctor Who and the Class War #ALKennedy and her amazing article!!

Ms Kennedy has a piece in the Guardian where she  writes about Doctor Who, hope, responsibility, love and the vicious class war perpetrated by Thatcher, Blair and Cameron these last 30 years very very well. Geekery; Clever choice of Robert … Continue reading

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Doctor Who review: Cold War, aka “Worriers of the Deep”

Review of first episode pending. I dodged a bullet, it appears, by not seeing the second one. “Cold War” It’s 1983, possibly quite late in the year (Mark Gatiss may well know about Able Archer 83). A Soviet submarine is … Continue reading

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Doctor Why oh why oh why

Smarter people than me will have eviscerated the atrocity that was the Dr Who Christmas special. So I will make only these random fulminations – Stephen Moffat is going down the Russell T Davies mawkishness road. Somebody has to ask … Continue reading

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Doctor Who and the Tautologies of Doom

Attention Conservation Notice: Review of ‘classic’ (1976) Doctor Who story dealing with political corruption, assassination and a computational hallucinatory reality called The Matrix… Sat down recently and (re)watched a bunch of Matt Smith Doctor Who episodes with my wife’s half-brother … Continue reading

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Doctor Who meets Ursula Le Guin: The Beast Below

Attention Conservation Notice: Burblings of joy ’bout the second episode of the last season of Doctor Who Steven Moffat is a great writer, fascinated with questions of time, memory and responsibility (the Big Themes). In the second episode of the … Continue reading

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Poetry in the Companies and Markets section…

The Financial Times always has at least two sections. Monday to Friday there’s the main section (world news, analysis, editorials/letters/op-eds, Lex Column, various columnists like Stefan Stern and Lucy Kellaway, both of whom are brilliant). The second section is the … Continue reading

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Dr Who and the Parallels of Doom…

Over at MancunianGreen, Brian Candeland has posted some political satire/fan fiction that is well worth a look. I don’t think the Doctor has “done” the Middle East since about 1964, so it’s good to see him getting around, albeit in … Continue reading

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