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“It’s not you. It’s us.”

I’m sick of the blaming for the failures of the climate movement on the inherent conservatism/apathy/consumer-headness of the General Public. We had plenty people come through our doors, in the “golden years” of 2006-9, between Climate Camp Drax and Copenhagen. … Continue reading

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Cuts and climate and campaigns corpsing

The folks over at Political Dynamite have written a post on the why (but not the how) of climate campaigners and anti-cuts folks getting together. They point out that while a thousand (a comically small number, the smallest ever?) were … Continue reading

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People’s Front of Judea

We’ve all seen this, I hope… But then there is THIS too, which made me laugh…

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“Get your fucking game face on”

During a googlemail ‘chat’ yesterday I wrote the following I was saying to an academic today, that I can understand, if not forgive, the Council being so hopeless. It’s the uselessness of the activist/campaigning lot that does my head in. … Continue reading

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Take your bloody marches and shove them up your arse

I shouldn’t have responded the way I did, and I am grateful to the facilitator for intervening when and how he did. Props. I need to work on my anger/”button push” issues on this topic. I need not to react … Continue reading

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I ain’t marchin’ anymore.

Radio I had the privilege of listening to Emporer Lib Dem Nick Clegg on the radio this morning. He started out with the obligatory and Ritual Invocations of Israel’s right to defend itself. (No talk of morality or proportionality or … Continue reading

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