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The £7.25 million pound consultation. Really? That’s the second best ya got?

I said this to someone tonight.  He’s a friend of someone who reads this blog. Why?  Because I was being told that the electorate are irredeemably childish children, and need to be kept away from any real decisions, and that … Continue reading

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Meetings are for lemmings?

There are occasional readers of DT (hi Leavergirl, if you’re still there) who despair of my tendency to a) attend meetings and b) be surprised when they are crap. Some friends even staged an intervention a while back… They are, … Continue reading

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Take your Tory Party March and Shove. It. Up. Your. Arse.*

There’ll be some triumphant march organisers tonight. At least** 50,000 people traipsed around Manchester doing the “chant, chant, slogan slogan slogan” thing. Papers were sold (I think every single Trot in the UK was there). Placards were waved. Personally, I … Continue reading

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The squirrel in samsara; “buddha-boom”

From facebook.

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Left “Unity”, “People’s” “Assembly” and the “Socialist” “Workers” “Party” – god help us all.

Initiatives without initiative. Parties without pleasure. Stale formats run by stale people with stale (i.e. no) ideas. “Leaders” grubbing about for what little ego-fodder is to be had from half-empty halls full of the usual hacks and will-have-disappeared-in-3-months newbies. A … Continue reading

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Advice from our New Insect Overlords…

Screw this “stumbling on happiness” malarkey. All you need to know is here –

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Personal responsibility for #climate change – the smoking gun…

Yes, personal responsibility exists. So do systemic responsibilities. National City Lines, anyone?

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Tactic #001 – “change the subject” SWPAfSLetal

I managed not to laugh when the Leninist said – straight-faced – that there was a difference between “top-down” and “democratic socialism.” I managed not to howl with mirth when she explained that Lenin had to abolish the soviets (workers … Continue reading

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Am I George Osborne?

So, at work (in our lunchbreak!) we were playing “shithead” (that game where someone writes the name of a celebrity/known person on a bit of paper and then sticks it on your forehead and you have to guess who it … Continue reading

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Dwight Towers iz in Viz!!! (Well, gets some pencils)

A while back I fired off an email to Viz. “Thank you to Viz for highlighting the heroic actions of commandos of the the special plumbing service in “The Bidet Landings” (Viz 228).  It is very important that the sacrifices … Continue reading

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