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The Practice of Love

No, that’s not a reference to solitary pursuits in the temporary absence of Mrs Towers (TMI, I know). It’s rather a reference to a film that was kinda suppressed – Valie Export’s “The Practice of Love.” When I was at … Continue reading

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How not to movement-build #94 – telling non-attendees to piss off

or “What we talk about when we don’t talk about what we talked about.” I’ve started asking myself a simple but deadly question; What “message” is it ‘activist and campaigning’ groups send to people who don’t come to their meetings? … Continue reading

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Too dumb to pay off the people who would kill him

So this guy – who sounds alright – is “gentrifying-without-class-cleansing” in Panama City. “We had a lot of painful conversations,” Mr Hardin says. “One real-estate family’s analyst asked about the free rent we gave to an after-school programme. I told … Continue reading

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When will we ever learn? Erm, *outside* the “lecture”

This excellent video (hat-tip to the brilliant Johnnie Moore) ought to kill off the “sage-on-the-stage” “ego-fodder” model of events good and dead. But of course it won’t (I’ve already speculated here and here as to why).

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Nulture; butterflies, watches and amputees

Using images to make (spurious) arguments; that is to say, putting the “con” back into icon…. Our techno-kit is as beautiful, intricate and as “natural” as nature #1 Our techno-kit is as beautiful, intricate and as “natural” as nature #2 … Continue reading

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A strike I would happily scab

That is to say, I’d like to be able to break the strikes that my infantile self launches against me. When it is having a strop, a sulk, a “tantie”, (usually because it feels it hasn’t been getting enough attention) … Continue reading

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The control room of the future? Man and dog

The machine softly hums. A man and a dog are in the room. The man is there… to feed the dog. The dog is there … to bite the man if he tries to touch the machine. Hat-tip to Sarah. … Continue reading

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Wise words on Trayvon Martin

Tim Wise has, as ever, told it like it is about race and America. (NB I am not saying my own country, Australia, is any less screwed up). However much has changed in the U.S. since the 1960s, or for … Continue reading

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Riskless business – of inertia, ego-fodder-fication and “buying IBM”

There’s a business adage “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. It’s from back in the day (1970s) when Big Blue was the last word in computing. If you had a decision to make about what to buy you could, … Continue reading

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A slight digression onto useless bloody academics and movements

The letter below speaks for itself. Reader, I sent it. Why? Because I am sick sick SICK of activists colluding (one of my favourite words of late) with academics who are not trust-worthy, who bait and switch and can’t even … Continue reading

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