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Eating Flipper?! Nothing to smile about

This from “Social Movements” by Suzanne Staggenborg (Oxford University Press 2008) is worth a think about. Many environmental groups used the image of the dolphin as a very sympathetic sea mammal to get the public to boycott tuna so they … Continue reading

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Jevons Paradox in the Financial Times

The FT does special reports – usually 8 pages of reportage and adverts – about lots of different issues.  On Tuesday April 24th it was the turn of “Sustainable Business” to get the treatment. In an article entitled Companies try … Continue reading

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50 not out

My parents’ 50th wedding anniversary today.  God. Knows. How.  But there you have it… Congrats to them both. Normal dwighting resumes tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeping in this petty pace).

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Pre-occupied with morbid symptoms

Attention Conservation Notice: a few hundred words on a hecture (hectoring lecture – see what I did there?) that I turned up late for (good move) and finally left (good move). Of interest to people who were there, or have … Continue reading

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Losing my bike crash virginity

Let’s keep a perspective.  I didn’t land on my head. I didn’t get squashed by oncoming traffic. And best of all, I got to use my one-day bus ticket some more.  There are worse results after being side-swiped by a … Continue reading

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How to “crowd enforce” the two-sentence-question rule

Inspired by this article, a recent meat-space event and this awesome blog post about group dynamics in meetings and “collective incompetence”, I wrote this yesterday on a train journey. I am self-censoring bits, but they aren’t “mission critical”… Why the … Continue reading

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If I were (still) a union steward, I know what my advice would be

Last week I turned up 24 hours early for a meeting. Today an hour early.  So, you might call it progress. Except that it signals, if I choose to acknowledge it properly, that things can’t go on like this. All … Continue reading

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I remember Warsaw

Thanks to On this Deity I was reminded about Marek Edelman, an extraordinary human being. And it reminded me of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, one of the most extraordinary places I’ve ever been.  Fucking Nazis. Fucking Stalinists. Gah.  Horror, courage, … Continue reading

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White male scientist in “blind to privilege” shocker

So, after the three white male panelists have done their five minute spiels (and kept to their time, bless ’em), the chair asks the audience – probably about two thirds male, almost all white – if there are questions. Only … Continue reading

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The corrosive mask

“The novelist John Updike once wrote that “Celebrity is a mask that corrodes the face”, and while certain kinds of celebrities – singers, comedians, writers too – get to wear the mask unto death, politicians have it torn from them … Continue reading

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