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Adventures in the Liminal Zone – why do newbies not come back?

Went to a really really good meeting tonight (not perfect, but really good!), and in t’pub afterwards started quizzing people why they think ‘newbies’, who come to one or maybe two meetings, are then never seen again (almost all of … Continue reading

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Optimism makes my head hurt

This from the superlative Marc Roberts.

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GLOW- GrowLearnOrganiseWin

First try at explaining the “GLOW” thing I keep banging on about. In the making of it have stumbled upon the “Transtheoretical model” of Prochaska and DiClemente. But I digress. This video “names” the four elements, (not stages), but doesn’t … Continue reading

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Green Confucians

Another youtube, just because I said I would. With each of these I learn a few new tricks. So I am getting something out of them, even if you aren’t… Here’s the words I tried to intone- The regulatory role … Continue reading

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SMEAC shall inherit the Earth

Who’d have figured ol’ Matthew 5:5 had so much trouble in it? Here’s the youtube And here’s the script (ish) Smeac script And Haysus sayeth “’smeac shall inherit the earth” (matthew 5:5) And Freddie Nietzsche says- “Bloody Slave Morality” And … Continue reading

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Two minute intros- I HATE them

What a crushing waste of time, energy, momentum and credibility…

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Here comes the 21st century…

I think it was the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman who once observed that if in modernity the First World showed the Third World an image of its future, in post-modernity this situation is reversed. Now, it is the Third World that … Continue reading

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Some oversight!

Speaks for itself…

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Wheelie-bin and the cat woman

Maybe she lived with a yowling monstrosity and decided to get some horrible ‘revenge’ on someone else’s cat. Just sayin’ (PS NOT saying it is praise-worthy or excusable or any such.)

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Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

Apropos of nothing… PS Stan Goff introed me to the expression.

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