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Of the English Defence League, Hell’s Angels and Hegel’s master-slave dialectic

The recent kind offer from those charmers at the English Defence League to help the British Police crack students’ skulls/kettle pensioners/create more activists will probably be turned down. The Police have a monopoly on the use of “legitimate” (sic) force, … Continue reading

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Australia’s Peak Oil Problem – the suburbs to become slums?

Who would have thought that paving over fertile land and creating an infrastructure dependent on infernal combustion engines would be Good for the Economy but Lousy for the Future? You can colour me amazed… This from the (Melbourne) Age. “Report … Continue reading

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Ibn Khaldun, Cricket and the Great Wheel that keeps on turning

Australia’s Ashes hopes died today. Or, maybe, yesterday; I can’t be sure. The television at home showed it all. Anyhow, these things go in cycles, and I suppose Ricky Ponting can take heart from the Islamic philosopher Ibn Khaldun. Here’s … Continue reading

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Australian culture – not an oxymoron

Have done a book review of “Comrades”, a very funny novel of student politics (the fights are so vicious because the stakes are so low) by an Australian satirist and “general pontificator” called Dominic Knight. I’ve put it on my … Continue reading

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Perfect 5 point checklist for saving the world

OK, got your attention? Frances Moore Lappe has written many books (Diet for a Small Planet, etc etc). And one of her latest is called “Getting a Grip”. It’s full of goodness and usefulness. And there’s an updated version too. … Continue reading

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Efficient vs Effective vs Resilient Social Movements?

What’s efficient? What’s “effective”? What is hidden in these two terms? What does it mean for campaigning and designing resilience into systems? Two regular visitors to “Dwight Towers” have both written interesting things on these questions of late. Antonio Dias … Continue reading

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Poetic Bingo Spam

Most spam is unfunny. “Grate blog post, makes me think. See I’ve posted something similar at” But the “get your fucking game face on” post I did about six weeks ago obviously got some spambot’s dander up with the … Continue reading

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End of the world? Yeah, but ya gotta hava larf.

There’s a wonderful “skeptical” review of the movie Jaws at DenialDepot, with funny comments. And there’s this cartoon, by Matt Davies. with mostly wing-nut comments.

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That hopey changey thing…

I got into trouble a while back at a big public meeting where I was asked if I saw any hope. I said no. Someone smarter than me pointed out that I should have re-focussed the question “hope for what?” … Continue reading

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Google vomit while watching the bloody cricket

England are 2 for 208, after the Aussies accrued a brilliant first innings total of, um 98. And I am going to do a bit of a googlebinge as I watch… What’s the difference between Venture Capital and Private Equity? … Continue reading

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