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The poor will always be with us. A habitable biosphere for hominids? Not so much.

My Bright Friend (MBF) made the “obvious” – but not banal – point that social movements are not used to ticking clocks, to the concept of it being – at some point – Simply Too Late. She means that social … Continue reading

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Corruption, collusion and the smugosphere, or “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work”

A friend of mine, who is far far smarter than she realises, as well as being just a top person to boot (funny, forgiving, perceptive), told me of the joke made in the dying days of the Soviet Union (and … Continue reading

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Forgiveness, hostility, uncertainty and absurdity (Longfellow and Voltaire, via David Gurteen)

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find in each person’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” Longfellow “Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” Voltaire Hat-tip David … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures and mending walls (and gratitude diaries)

Just back from a magical weekend with Mrs Towers. I am one of the luckiest men on t’planet, without the inkling of a penumbra of a shadow of a doubt. From the rice and dahl to the deep-fried mars bar … Continue reading

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My Nice Guy (TM) card will get me laid?! Cool bananas!!

This, from a series of 13 illustrations/cartoons/snarks on buzzfeed, is awesome, imho. It’s by this artist. NB JFYI, Dwight Towers is loved up to the eyeballs and beyond with his totally amazing wife.

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“I was elected to lead, not to read” – post-literate apparatchiks and the End of Civ

I may be mis-quoting the Simpsons Movie. Meh, whaddya gonna do? This leapt out at me from an article by Laura Nader. “While we were working, no matter what we sent to Washington, we would be asked for more tables … Continue reading

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Fallen idle or Fallen Idol?

The difference between activity and productivity haunts me. Often I plough through absurd amounts of work, only to find… well, it’s like that nightmarish scene towards the end of Toy Story 3 where the toys are climbing as fast as … Continue reading

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How I got this way? I’m glad you asked

@smokinghotgerman asked me this last night. I have some stock answers to that, but they shift as I hear myself say them, and something occurred to me… An “outsider” (despite my class, gender, sexual orientation, skin colour) because of accidents … Continue reading

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Respect, confidence and my #Federer mancrush

Mrs Towers and my best (female) friend make fun of my Federer mancrush. So be it. Yes, he may have the carbon footprint of a medium sized developing world city. Yes, he shills for some horrible corporations. Yes, he probably … Continue reading

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“Game over, man” – Tetris, Ooda Loops, the End of Civ and *that* scene from #Aliens

Ever played Tetris? You have to get the blocks rotated so they fall in a way that creates lines of squares that then disappear. Well, in the clip I found the guy (and we can be pretty sure it is … Continue reading

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