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Ozzie Climate Politics – dirty ugly thing

On a day when the Climate Institute begins a gamble on the power of celebrity (Cate Blanchett) to help create the support needed for a carbon tax, (cue Pavlovian attack by Murdoch press, as David Horton says) we have more … Continue reading

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Cyberpsychology , Behavior, and Social Networking

OK, I suppose I should not be surprised. I mean, the seriesoftubes HAS been with us for 15 years (more, really) Cyberpsychology , Behavior, and Social Networking is ranked 5 out of 55 in the “Communication” category of the JCR … Continue reading

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Resilience and the golden goose-icide

Don’t over-exploit limited and slow-growing natural resources. Or There Will Be Trouble… (our fairy tales used to tell us this). Here’s a quote from William Gibson’s speculative fiction novel “All Tomorrow’s Parties.” In the passage below the existence of State-sanctioned … Continue reading

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Resilience, football teams and fluctations

I’m reading a lot on resilience and the “management” of ecological services. One point that comes up time and again is that efforts to control ‘outputs’ of one particular thing will be successful in the short-term, but then require bigger … Continue reading

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The sage on the stage…

I have been reading a website called Nature Bats Last (hat tip to Leaving Babylon). I have just stumbled across a bunch of excerpts that the author, Guy McPherson, had posted from a book he wrote on education. The phrase … Continue reading

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Expert teasing of expertise

Oh, this is great stuff. “Experts” (as in, pundits and so on) are no better than the proverbial dart-throwing monkeys, and often worse… Louis Menand’s review in “The New Yorker” of a book “Expert Political Judgment: How good is it? … Continue reading

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The lyrical psycho-boyfriend rule

Pop songs should not include lyrics that you can imagine a psycho stalker boyfriend saying to his ex- as he stabs her to death. The whole creepy co-dependency thing… Can’t remember now what the song was what inspired this thought, … Continue reading

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Woohoo! I’ve been guest-posted

I’ve long admired the Daily Maybe, a UK site that has a great mix of posts. Some are lengthy electoral analysis about the possibilities of left/Green policies/politicians gaining traction. Others tackle hot issues (his piece on “the right to know … Continue reading

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Tie economists’ pay to carbon reductions

I suspect one or two of you may not have found time to read my tl:dr post about Wednesday night’s public lecture “Mitigating Climate Change: How and Why the economists changed their mind” Towards the end, I wrote; I have … Continue reading

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Show me the Monet: the BBC and UK activism

The sophisticated and respected UK publication Viz has a phrase for women who look good at a distance but are a bit of a mess up close. The phrase is “Monet.” Right, now that I’ve alienated approximately half my readership … Continue reading

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