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Bureaucrats, politicians and (r)emote control

There is overlap, but as a rule of thumb; Bureaucrats/bureaucracies try to shut you down/up intellectually. They withhold information, give you too much of the stuff at the wrong time, or too much with not enough time to process it. … Continue reading

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Whiny activists make my blood boil

Attention Conservation Notice: Free-form whining about people who just want to whine (yes, irony noted), of weak strategy muscles and bureaucratic “bungling”-that-isn’t. Of interest primarily to people who’ve been engaging/following recent discussions about meetings, social movements and recruitment/decruitment. Reaching for … Continue reading

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Riskless business – of inertia, ego-fodder-fication and “buying IBM”

There’s a business adage “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. It’s from back in the day (1970s) when Big Blue was the last word in computing. If you had a decision to make about what to buy you could, … Continue reading

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Youtube: The Galaxy of the Bureaucrats!

A homage to the brave bureaunauts – activists who undertake missions of exploration and civilisation in the dangerous galaxy of the bureaucrats. Few of them come back with their bodies and spirits intact, but it’s a price that has to … Continue reading

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Apparatchiks comin’ at ya…

These quotes from Robert Shea’s 1990 essay “The House of the Rising Scum” made me laugh… When I tell people that I am an anarchist (if I want to be treated somewhat politely I say I am a “libertarian”) often … Continue reading

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The banality of trademarks(TM)

From Johnnie Moore’s splendidly semi-splenetic “Learning is not a package” Anything to do with learning that bears a ™ tends to put me in a critical frame of mind for starters. I find it hard to associate the joy of … Continue reading

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Aesop for the Modern World in 22 panels…

This was emailed me by someone so right-wing he makes Attila the Hun look like Noam Chomsky. But ’tis funny. “Please Note: Any similarity to the MoD, NHS, Local Government, Education or any major company big enough to have an … Continue reading

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Pournelle’s Law of Bureaucracy

“In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.” Here’s … Continue reading

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Some oversight!

Speaks for itself…

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Elephants don’t tapdance

This has been sitting on my desktop for yonks: REINVENTING GOVERNMENT: THE POLICY ADOPTION AND DIFFUSION GAME by Dr. Allen Bronson Brierly Associate Professor Political Science Department University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0404 319-273-6194 ABSTRACT A great deal … Continue reading

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