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Bureaucrats, politicians and (r)emote control

There is overlap, but as a rule of thumb; Bureaucrats/bureaucracies try to shut you down/up intellectually. They withhold information, give you too much of the stuff at the wrong time, or too much with not enough time to process it. … Continue reading

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Whiny activists make my blood boil

Attention Conservation Notice: Free-form whining about people who just want to whine (yes, irony noted), of weak strategy muscles and bureaucratic “bungling”-that-isn’t. Of interest primarily to people who’ve been engaging/following recent discussions about meetings, social movements and recruitment/decruitment. Reaching for … Continue reading

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Riskless business – of inertia, ego-fodder-fication and “buying IBM”

There’s a business adage “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. It’s from back in the day (1970s) when Big Blue was the last word in computing. If you had a decision to make about what to buy you could, … Continue reading

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Youtube: The Galaxy of the Bureaucrats!

A homage to the brave bureaunauts – activists who undertake missions of exploration and civilisation in the dangerous galaxy of the bureaucrats. Few of them come back with their bodies and spirits intact, but it’s a price that has to … Continue reading

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Apparatchiks comin’ at ya…

These quotes from Robert Shea’s 1990 essay “The House of the Rising Scum” made me laugh… When I tell people that I am an anarchist (if I want to be treated somewhat politely I say I am a “libertarian”) often … Continue reading

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The banality of trademarks(TM)

From Johnnie Moore’s splendidly semi-splenetic “Learning is not a package” Anything to do with learning that bears a ™ tends to put me in a critical frame of mind for starters. I find it hard to associate the joy of … Continue reading

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Aesop for the Modern World in 22 panels…

This was emailed me by someone so right-wing he makes Attila the Hun look like Noam Chomsky. But ’tis funny. “Please Note: Any similarity to the MoD, NHS, Local Government, Education or any major company big enough to have an … Continue reading

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