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Mark Lynas’s credibility jumps the shark

First, my bid for credibility: I have bought Mark Lynas beer. I have read (bits of) his books. I got him to come speak at the first Climate Camp (2006) about a Six Degrees warmer world etc. He’s not an … Continue reading

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“Pulse” and “press” disturbances…

Well, this is useful (to me at least)… A disturbance that occurs as a relatively discrete event in time is referred to here as a “pulse” disturbance, while more gradual or cumulative pressure on a system is referred to as … Continue reading

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Your hope needs renewal? Don’t try renewables…

Professor Kevin Anderson long ago explained to my satisfaction that renewables would not be deployed in time to make the kind of difference to our carbon emissions that we need to avoid dangerous climate change. And so this, from the … Continue reading

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Significant Life Experiences up the wazoo

Like most scientists I know, I was drawn into science by the allure of nature. I became bonded to the natural world during World War II, when Japanese Canadians were incarcerated in camps in the Rocky Mountains, in a spectacular … Continue reading

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The BP Deepwater Horizon Spill? It torture nothing

Unfortunately, these scientists are like the doctors monitoring the vital signs of torture victims at black op sites around the world. They diligently track pulse, blood pressure, and heart rates to ensure that the victim stays alive so the torture … Continue reading

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Green Confucians

Another youtube, just because I said I would. With each of these I learn a few new tricks. So I am getting something out of them, even if you aren’t… Here’s the words I tried to intone- The regulatory role … Continue reading

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Unrevolutionary notes 2: Plus ca la meme chose…

May 9 (i.e. a day before Gordo said he’d quit) We have a hung parliament (not a hanged one, as the public mood might prefer). What does this mean for UK action on climate change? The Greens can point with … Continue reading

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Western Buddhism and the menage-a-moi

“The problem of the uncritical acceptance of acontextual enlightenment should not be underestimated. As Slavoj Zizek often points out, what he calls “Western Buddhism” can function as the highest form of adaptation to late capitalism, allowing members of the most … Continue reading

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