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Eggs and (shopping) baskets – first encounters with activism and their consequences…

I have a “theory”* that “activists” are like baby geese. When they peck through the hard shell of enforced apathy/functional stupidity that we are encouraged to encase ourselves in, then the first thing they see when they see the light … Continue reading

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1904 and all that: States and Vitamin B and stuff

So, States and War, eh? Talk about needing each other! There’s a common thread in these two quotes below… It is interesting to note that Yamanashi prefecture, which has the highest life expectancy on the main Japanese island of Honshu, … Continue reading

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How do we increase the size and breadth of numbers in the movement?

Hmm, I seem to have semi-answered this in the last section (of the book I’m writing). But if anyone’s got further suggestions of “dos and don’ts”, I’d be very grateful… Be sensitive to (perceived) entry costs It can be hard … Continue reading

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Comings, stayings and goings

OK, I’ve not yet read this, but there are a couple of dead useful diagrams (see below) about the ins and outs of social movement retention. More to follow. Persistent Resistance: Commitment and Community in the Plowshares Movement SHARON ERICKSON … Continue reading

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Speech to Newbies/Old Hands/Leavers

To those of you who are here for the first or second time, who have come to hear what this movement has to say for itself, I want to say this: if you’re looking for reasons NOT to get involved, … Continue reading

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Pots and Kettles: Everybody’s talking at me.

Pots and kettles. It’s been a day of being talked at. I’m in the middle of an extremely interesting and useful course for my work. A lot of effort has gone into putting it together- the speakers are excellent, and … Continue reading

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