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The Fermi Paradox firmly stated

Fermi Paradox?  If the universe is so full of little green men, why haven’t they visited? Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal?  So full of life and laughs, why haven’t you subscribed?!

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The Smugosphere and the climate movement

Attention Conservation Notice: A far superior essay has been written on this topic (of the gap between our rhetoric and our reality). It appeared in Do or Die Seven, under the title of “Global Warming: No-one Ever is to Blame” … Continue reading

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Playing the game of “pain tag”

“You’re it!!” Can’t be feeling helpless, hopeless, humiliated. Gotta pass the pain on to someone else. Like some demented game of pass the parcel, where the clock keeps stopping and starting, starting and stopping and the parcel never gets unwrapped … Continue reading

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B for Vendetta

Beckham meets PM over food summit (UKPA) – 34 minutes ago David Beckham has visited Downing Street as David Cameron agreed to host a summit aimed at tackling world hunger. The former England footballer met the Prime Minister at No … Continue reading

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Leopard-food doesn’t change its maladaptive spots

Puny, largely defenceless bipeds on the savannah. Easy pickings for any passing leopard with hunger pangs, or the odd peckish hyenna. Rocks, spears, fire, safety in numbers. That’s about it, versus claws and fangs and muscle. And I reckon, warnings … Continue reading

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Greenland melts, boy flies to Rome without ticket or passport. What’s the connection?

First off, the Greenland melting story is about the carbon emissions that were going up when I was born. Such is the lag time for climate impacts. Verily, we are completely toast. So, what’s the link? In both cases we … Continue reading

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“I’m not a racist, but…”

Last weekend, I left a spectacularly-badly run two-day workshop at the halfway point. And the following morning, some people who don’t know me at all decided it was because we had been about to have a “speak out” about black … Continue reading

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