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Conservatives to announce spare kidney tax

Following the successful abolition of the spare room subsidy, Prime Minister David Cameron is set to announce a new debt-reduction initiative – a “spare kidney tax.” Under the scheme, to be officially announced at the Conservative Party Spring Conference in … Continue reading

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Government, State and climate foot-dragging

This popped up on facebook, when someone had asked if the elite politicians “get” climate change threats, how come there is so little action.  It’s only a partial answer, I think… I think the key thing is that “the government” … Continue reading

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Doooomed I tell you, all dooooooooooooomed

In response to something about needing to cut emissions by 40 to 70 per cent by 2050… Whoever wrote that doesn’t know their facts.  The probable level for  emissions reductions to have even a rough chance of avoiding 2 degrees … Continue reading

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Anticipatory learning. Great idea. Species don’t seem so good at it, y’know?

ABSTRACT: This paper is a methodological contribution to emerging debates on the role of learning, particularly forward-looking (anticipatory) learning, as a key element for adaptation and resilience in the context of climate change. First, we describe two major challenges: understanding … Continue reading

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“Go green, everyone wins” said one home-made placard

Except they don’t. Companies that have built up enormous expertise and infrastructure in extracting fossil fuels from the ground will not win. There will (or rather, ‘would’) be a painful transition. It’s pointless to deny that there will be winners … Continue reading

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Thomas Merton on #winning

Likelihood of success or failure is not a moral category. It doesn’t help you with your mirror test… Hat-tip to Sam; Thomas Merton said it best: “Do not depend on the hope of results. You may have to face the … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott = species traitor. #climate #pendingecologicaldebacle

I know it’s not about individuals. I know it is about systems of exploitation that began long before Whitey arrived to stay in Australia (1788). I know it is about ecological imperialism, primitive accumulation, accumulation by dispossession and whatever other … Continue reading

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Morale versus unwarranted optimism and illusions

Morale is a slippery concept. TS Eliot said that “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.“ Realistically, our position is hopeless. The species is accelerating towards a brick wall. We are getting technologically more adept at the same time we seem … Continue reading

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Klein on #climate; No, not Naomi, I mean Melanie #psychoanalysis

We need a climate movement that tackles climate change, says Naomi Klein. Well, yes, but we’ve known that for 25 years (and she wouldn’t dispute that.) What’s interesting to me is why it keeps not happening. And recently I read … Continue reading

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Beautiful orchid cartoon!

There’s a blog post title you don’t see that often… This –

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