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OK, so I created a youtube channel. I wanted dwighttowers, but that was taken. So I went for “dwighttowering” instead.

The first video has a slightly less happy clappy ending than is probably appropriate (for any ‘come join the activism’ site). So here it is. Comments welcome.

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10 Responses to Transruptive video

  1. leavergirl says:

    Ah… the one I missed is… if you’ve fallen into a pit and want to get out, first thing you have to do is STOP DIGGING! (Reminder to self: tattoo on forehead.)

  2. Phil K says:

    a LITTLE less happy-clappy – what are you like when you get pessimistic? No – dont answer that Dwight. There I was quite warming to the idea of being maven-like in spreading the word – your word – and then you go off on your ‘we’re all F*****’ mission again… Defeating the object a smidge? 😉 bests, pk

    • dwighttowers says:

      The trick of it it is to do what pro-feminist viewers of the TV show ‘Charlie’s Angels’ used to do. Watch the most of the show, where the Angels solve the problem etc, but then make sure you turn off the TV before they become simpering fools in the closing “listening to Charlie on the phone” scene. It’s all in the timing. In this video, the terminal moment comes at 5:30. Would you like me to insert a “look away now” slide, Phil? 🙂

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  5. JayD says:

    I linked in from “Leaving Babylon”. Thanx for what you’re trying to do. About the decision to deliver a bleak ending instead of upbeat–hey, if that’s where you’re at and ain’t budging, you may well be right, and i’m all for radical honesty. However, what if it’s based on a logical flaw? “Transruption” (which i like) and “Transition Shift” (the new post at L.B., which i also like) are good because they don’t linearly extrapolate the future from the past…implying, as Hazel Henderson said, we just don’t enough yet to be pessimistic. But she said that in the 70’s or early 80s, and it seems you (and often I) do feel we now know enough to be pessimistically “realistic” in this way. But in coming out of my own denial, layer after layer, i have to keep reminding myself that, to refer to your video, thinking in terms of “track record” as justification for the bleak outlook may be selling us short IF we’re instead, at least a lot of us, capable of smashing that record and evolving a new one. Which of course doesn’t mean denial in the other direction either, just a more open-seeming attitude about what might happen?

    • dwighttowers says:

      Hi Jay D,
      thanks for the kind words and the good thoughts.
      You are right, I think. I am (intermittently) aware of my pessimistic outlook. I can remember at least a few of the times I’ve been spectacularly wrong (others I have memory-holed). I thought AIDS was going to be a lot worse as a pandemic than it actually was. I thought there would be no peaceful/democratic transition in South Africa. And lots of other cases. One of the best posts (out of very stiff competition!) on Leaving Babylon was the one about doomster porn and its attractions. Really resonated with me.
      You and I and others are aware of the need to smash the record and evolving a new one. On our good days, we even make a good fist of making that happen. Sure. But the scale of the problem seems beyond us. Suppose we just have to pretend we have more time than we actually have?
      Best wishes


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