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“The west needs a replacement for the warrior spirit”, Mark Mazower, FT Sept 7/8th 2013

Analagous to Zygmunt Bauman’s take in “Work, Consumerism and the New Poor”   For a wider perspective on this, one could do worse than read Alfred de Vigny’s meditation The Warrior’s Life. First published in 1835, it is a classic … Continue reading

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FT on China Crisis (of the communist party)

I wonder how long it will be before some copyright lawyer from Pearson smacks me in the kisser with a “t’pau” letter. excerpts from “How long can the Communist party survive in China” Jamil Anderlini Financial Times magazine Sept 21/2 … Continue reading

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Young Turks, slut-shaming and the genie coming out of the bottle

[Update 9/6/13 – this, by a participant in the protests, is also v. useful. Hat-tip to Mrs T.] It’s kicking off everywhere, innit? Have read two fantastic articles about Istanbul/Turkey today.  The first was in the Financial Times (which really … Continue reading

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Boring for England…

On being boring Graham’s being boring was aggressive – it was a way of controlling, and excluding, others; a way of being seen, but not seeing. It also served another purpose. Especially in the context of his psychoanalysis, it protected … Continue reading

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Of Gods and monstrous supermarkets #Barthes #FT #HarryEyres #Fetishes

“I’ve always thought, and argued from time to time, that the appeal of supermarkets was largely mystical, or, in the sense used by Roland Barthes, mythological. The mystique or mythology is a combination of unlimited material abundance and modernity: these … Continue reading

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Epidemic of epidemiology required, or “Engel’s Condition of the protection of the Working Class in England 2013”

Matthew Engel writes (very well) for the Financial Times. In the edition of March 16/7th he has a piece on the idiotic vandalism that is the destruction of the Central Office of Information by this determined-to-destroy-the-idea-and-practice-of-collective-solutions-to-collective-problems “govern”ment of ours*. COI … Continue reading

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Never let people who want power/think they deserve it actually HAVE power.

From the FT Can we have too much self-esteem? At worst, high self-esteem can turn into narcissism. Jean Twenge, one of the main researchers in the field, goes as far as talking of an epidemic of narcissism, in which people … Continue reading

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