Really good post on mental ability (and “disabled”) people… and activism

An impressive blog!

But I have never seen any work being done with regard to recognition of the privilege of society’s most able (read here a call-out to anyone who does know of examples of this work – I will gratefully post links in an addendum if provided). Unlike white privilege, male privilege, or hetero privilege, the privilege of the most able has not yet emerged as a subject system disabledfor discourse. Of all marginalized peoples, the disabled are the most marginalized. They are severely under-represented in political process, many finding that their voting rights as citizens are not facilitated due to various reasons for which there are clearly technical solutions, given the political will. The disabled are also under-represented in the activist community, with many deeply caring and committed would-be activists intimidated and chased away from pursuing their dreams of a better world by an activist community that has little idea how to include them and applies to them a stigma that has long since ceased to be acceptable with regard to any other minority groups.

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3 Responses to Really good post on mental ability (and “disabled”) people… and activism

  1. pendantry says:

    Your link labeled ‘an impressive blog’ is to a blank page (not even the dreaded http 404 ‘not found’), and the address itself seems to suggest that it’s simply the wrong link: . And the big blank space to the right appears to be intended for an image named ‘system-disabled.jpg’… I suspect that the reason is simple linkrot, a symptom of device misconfiguration, or of a badly maintained domain name… but am I missing something?

    As for the rest of the article: hard to find anything with which to disagree, there.

    PS Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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