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What price loyalty?

Had a typically good experience at the bike shop this arvo. Chap fixed my bike (the rack had shaken loose) and taught me something basic, and didn’t charge me for parts or labour at all (just the oil I bought). … Continue reading

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“How do we build a movement?” Oh, ffs…

Who is this “we” that you speak of? A bunch of self-selected would-be-if-they-could-get-some-followers vanguardists. Fuck that noise. What is this “movement” you speak of? An invitation to followership, to inertia, co-optation and the depoliticisation that follows the dashing of exaggerated … Continue reading

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Hooray for our side

“What a field-day for the heat A thousand people in the street Singing songs and carrying signs Mostly say, hooray for our side.” from here –

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What, never? No, never… well, hardly ever

do I go to see Gilbert and Sullivan productions.  And good as tonight’s am-dram performance of “HMS Pinafore” was, I still left dredging from my memory Tom Lehrer’s assessment – “you can always rely on Gilbert and Sullivan for a … Continue reading

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The Feedback is an Illusion

It’s rare for Dwight Towers to be rendered speechless, but it happened today.  This below is part of an evaluation form for a course I attended.  Comments? And if the title of the post seems like a repressed memory, it’s … Continue reading

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The enemies of innovation

A list I would love readers to add to… Don’t see the point Complacency – “we’re doing alright.” (Rocking the boat will achieve nothing except getting us damp, anyhows) Complacency – “Our “audience” wouldn’t want it. They come to meetings … Continue reading

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The Educated Mind? Vygotsky, Egan and zones

So, I am trying to reduce a stack of reading that is literally three feet high (includes issues of Viz, London Review of Books, Private Eye etc). I am putting in about 4 two hour sessions on the stepper at … Continue reading

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It’s good not to talk

Ran a workshop today on “Is Climate Science irrelevant?” (and what motivates people to get and stay involved in groups/movements.) I have lots of opinions on these questions. There was a time I would have felt the right/duty to fill … Continue reading

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Greece is the word – austerity, resilience,and “strong” economic growth

Greece’s downward spiral is all the more shocking because it happened so quickly, reversing almost two decades of strong economic growth that brought living standards close to north European levels. Three years ago, Athenians flocked to shops selling imported luxury … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hack by John Burns

It snowed for about 5 minutes of my 28 hours in Edinburgh visiting Mrs Towers this weekend. And that was all the time needed to seek refuge in a charity shop and for me to buy “Hack” – a comedy … Continue reading

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