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“Nature” will be inside our ooda loop.

Long-time readers of Dwighttowers in ‘cyber-space’, or victims of meat-space rants, will know about an unhealthy liking for the notion of “ooda loops“, as devised by John Boyd. Observe, Orient, Decide, Act, Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Meanwhile, the ‘other guy’ … Continue reading

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Gunboat diplomacy

Yesterday I saw this story on the Grauniad website It looked like a pretty ordinary day on the water at the US naval base in Norfolk, Virginia: a few short bursts of speed, a nice tail wind, some test manoeuvres … Continue reading

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Take your bloody marches and shove them up your arse

I shouldn’t have responded the way I did, and I am grateful to the facilitator for intervening when and how he did. Props. I need to work on my anger/”button push” issues on this topic. I need not to react … Continue reading

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Oh, and I am jealous of the bloody yowling cat

Not for the three-legged thing (hit by a car before he got us). Not for the yowling. Not for the good looks (he is very good-lookin’). No, I had an epiphany today. What makes him so annoying – above and … Continue reading

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Checklists and banana-boards and other unwanted symbols of our frailty

Who wants to admit they’re frail? Who wants to admit their independence and skill has peaked, or is fundamentally limited? Not many of us, frankly. And so we do not act in our own rational best interest. Maybe this is … Continue reading

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Onions make you cry – on hierarchy and secrecy and climate camps

Surfing around to see what has been written so far of the Mark Stone/Kennedy case, I stumbled across a website called “Tilting at Windmills” And in his (UPDATE : gender confirmed) account of Climate Camp 2010, this observation For unlike … Continue reading

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Taking the George Michael

George Michael walked free today. Or, maybe, yesterday; I can’t be sure. It was on the telly. And on my pile of stuff to be typed up, this from Zoe Williams of the Grauniad, writing in the New Statesman (15 … Continue reading

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