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Chris Hedges on #Egypt – essential reading

After making the (non-reductive, non-patronising) point that for millions of people religion is the only thing that keeps them from utter despair, Hedges, in an article entitle ” The Massacres in Egypt Are a Precursor to a Wider Global Conflict Between … Continue reading

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We’re having a whale of a time aboard the Pequod…

“We are all aboard the Pequod” We, like Ahab and his crew, rationalize madness. All calls for prudence, for halting the march toward environmental catastrophe, for sane limits on carbon emissions, are ignored or ridiculed. Even with the flashing red … Continue reading

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Right said Said – (on the habits of mind of the intellectual)

From Chris Hedges, who is a dude (and an Arabic-speaking one at that) “Nothing in my view is more reprehensible than those habits of mind in the intellectual that induce avoidance, that characteristic turning away from a difficult and principled … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges on Body-baggers of Iraq

Chris Hedges has a must-read report (but for those with strong stomachs only) on the experiences of a female Marine who worked in a “Mortuary Affairs unit” in Iraq. This excerpt below is from near the end of his piece. … Continue reading

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Magical thinking, hedging our bets…

This from Chris Hedges’ latest jeremiad “This Time We’re Taking the Whole Planet With Us” caught my eye: The desperate [Easter] islanders developed a belief system that posited that the erected stone gods, the moai, would come to life and … Continue reading

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Humour: When violence is baseline normal

Chris Hedges has written a highly regarded book (I haven’t read it) called “War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning“. Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury, which I’ve been reading for a couple of decades, has a good cartoon on just this.

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Chris Hedges on Kent Brockman and the Camps

“I for one welcome our new Insect Overlords“, said Kent Brockman… And here we have Chris Hedges, who does sound rather interesting indeed. He has two books – “War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning” and, more recently, “Death … Continue reading

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