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Patrick Stewart on domestic violence (slightly viral video)

Published on 29th May, just broke 3 million views. It’s almost as if domestic violence is a real issue in many people’s lives… Refuge is here. Combat Stress is here. PS Patrick Stewart: you are hereby forgiven for your “Macbeth”…

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Dwight Towers reading Yeats’ “The Second Coming”

Don’t you have something – anything – better to be doing? I tried to upload it as an mp3.  WordPress wasn’t having any of it.  Therefore a youtube. This is how it SHOULD be read…

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Video: “SMEAC” and Green Zone (copyright NBC Universal and Studio Canal!)

I’m a big fan of a) Matt Damon b) military concepts* * I am not a big fan of the morality of most of what the military does.

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Youtube: Scripted disorientation/the Gruen Transfer

Another day, another so-so video. This concept, of being knocked off kilter and so becoming vulnerable, is core to how power works, imho.  The Christians (well, a significant subset of them) tell you you are worthless and dirty and can … Continue reading

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