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Ecological Modernisation? You can bank on it.

The bank in question being these clowns, who go back (the clue is in the name) almost as far as the Opium Wars. Our new drug of choice is, of course, our technological imaginary.  It turns out that you can … Continue reading

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Youtube: Reflexive Modernisation in a digital minute

Ends somewhat abruptly!!

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Youtube: What is Ecological Modernisation?

Not the best thing I’ve ever done, but sort of fit for purpose (fingers crossed). Comments and criticism welcome as ever – esp as to how it coulda been better done.

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Mark Lynas’s credibility jumps the shark

First, my bid for credibility: I have bought Mark Lynas beer. I have read (bits of) his books. I got him to come speak at the first Climate Camp (2006) about a Six Degrees warmer world etc. He’s not an … Continue reading

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Paradigms Lost: Economists and Climate Change

Attention Conservation Notice: Excessively detailed account of a lecture entitled “Mitigating Climate Change – how and why the economists have changed their minds” peppered with snarks about the nature of mainstream economic “thought.” Potentially useful list of sites and links … Continue reading

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Bjork, Human Behaviour and Ecological Modernisation

No, not that Bjork. This Bjork, (Tord Bjork, a canny Swedish thinker on social movements). This bit of his comment is kinda interesting, if like me you are kept awake at night fretting about the dangers of social movements getting … Continue reading

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Green Confucians

Another youtube, just because I said I would. With each of these I learn a few new tricks. So I am getting something out of them, even if you aren’t… Here’s the words I tried to intone- The regulatory role … Continue reading

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