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Billiard balls and synapses, ice-breakers and… burritos?!!

[Update: Viv McWaters and “shifters,” from March 2011…] When I tried to suggest that meetings didn’t need to be sage-on-the-stage leninist atrocities, I was told that icebreakers are “naff” and “corporate.” Mr Defensive and Dismissive (DaD) has a point. “Ice-breakers” … Continue reading

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Movement-building gimmick: “the skills in the room go round and round…”

So, in my unpaid consultant (cough cough) role today, I was ad-libbing about how you could make everyone in the room – from hardened activist to starry-eyed “newbie” (terrible phrase that it is) – see that their contribution is both … Continue reading

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The whines on the bus go round and round, round and round…

The left “extra-parliamentary left” is utterly hooked on proclaiming their own moral superiority, their victim status, on doling out little pats on the back to each other at miserabilist meetings/rallies. A shopping list of grievances. The grievances are all real … Continue reading

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Movement-building: Insulin and unlocking energy

Not quite sure this metaphor* is going to be much use to anyone but myself, but here goes nuffink. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. It helps sugar in the blood get into the body’s cells, where the … Continue reading

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Modern Polarities – Capitalism etc versus active citizenship

On a train (I seem to be doing lots of mental coughing up of fur-balls on trains these days) a few days back I came up with an Idea. I started describing it in an email to a genius cartoonist … Continue reading

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Resuscitation for meetings, with the help of a rhesus monkey…

I have done a fair bit of event-organising over the last few years, using relatively innovative formats (some stolen, some invented).  What I found was that afterwards people who liked the format would come up and say so and then … Continue reading

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Cultural Capital and border crossings

There’s more to be said on social capital/social capacity at a later date. For now though this on cultural capital made me smile. In Beijing I got to the Bookworm, a library/bookshop/cafe/meeting place. Most people are reading borrowed books, the … Continue reading

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