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What is the currency of bureaucracy? Knowledge? Veto power? Sycophancy?

I write not enough about bureaucracy, despite it being a category on this ad-strewn site. There’s Parkinson’s Law, the Peter Principle, the Pournelle’s law, Galbraith meetings and all that. Max Weber wrote about it occasionally. I am gestating some thoughts … Continue reading

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There’s a (Japanese) word for “Pretending to believe”!!!

Tatemae and Honne (Japanese): What you pretend to believe and what you actually believe, respectively from How cool is that!

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Green Visions, Red Mist and Flouncer’s Remorse

Flouncer’s Remorse is a concept that is more fun to invent than to experience. Trust me on this. I let anger and frustration and powerlessness and disappointment cloud my judgement.  I let those things give me “permission” to ask permission … Continue reading

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Poem: What is a Social Movement? by Marge Piercy

What is a Social Movement? <snip> It goes on one at a time It starts when you care To act, it starts when you do it again after They said no It starts when you say we and know what … Continue reading

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The first rule of facilitation is you do NOT facipulate

I broke my “meetings” rule. To be fair to myself, my attendance at this particular meeting (where I was supposed to facilitate the afternoon session) pre-dates my “no more meetings” promise… I am not going to say much, cos I … Continue reading

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Canada’s Bill 78 and Mexico 68; elites get nervous when the rabble link up…

So the Grauniad has a story entitled “Canada student protests erupt into political crisis with mass arrests More than 500 people were arrested in Montreal on Wednesday night as protestors defied controversial new law Bill 78.” This bit leapt out … Continue reading

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Two days away(ish) from the internet

Went down to London on Tuesday evening, and, besides a sneaky check of email this morning, was away from IT for two days. And the world didn’t end. I read a lot of books (well, two and a half) and … Continue reading

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Up like a rocket, down like a … social movement

Following on from the recent post on evaporative cooling, this excerpt from Suzanne Staggenborg’s “Social Movements”  has new resonance While individual movements maintain themselves in various forms, periods of intense protest activity by multiple movements do not last forever. Cycles … Continue reading

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The wisdom of crowds versus theodicy; theodicy wins.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a brilliant mix of cheap knob gags and the Big Questions. Here’s the latest below.  

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Learning in social movements, post #001

Now that I’ve suspended my project to collect anecdotes of horribleness from allegedly public meetings, I need a new obsession.  I could do worse than the nature (or absence!) of learning in social movements. I am about* to unleash a … Continue reading

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