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The way we see the world

Attention Conservation Notice: Coupla quotes, from good books, coupla links to other Dwight Towers posts. The point is, we see what we want/expect/need to see. How do we conceive of “Nature”? How do these conceptions change? Wrong. Nature in the … Continue reading

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The “Nature” of the “Beast”

“In imperial Vietnam, tiger/elephant fights were staged for the emperor. But the tiger’s teeth were blunted and its claws cut short: the elephant was the symbol of the emperor, and so of course it always had to win. In one … Continue reading

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As natural as… mercury

This from the Huffington Post On “Real Time” this week, Bill Maher took on conservatives for dismissing the Gulf oil spill and the climate change movement. “Rick Perry says it was an act of God. I think it was an … Continue reading

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