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Entering the bargaining phase – “guided transition” #climate #kublerross #wearetoast

There’s this tiny moment in film The Bourne Ultimatum that keeps echoing in my head. Bourne has met up with a journalist (played by Paddy Considine). He gets vital information. The journalist is a bit clueless. Bourne says “You have … Continue reading

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We are expecting the species to make a “Damoclean conversion” – and it won’t

Our lives hang by a thread. Some people die because a door that should have been locked wasn’t locked, others because they were from Minnesota. Random stuff happens. As individuals in the prosperous West, with clean water, antibiotics, surgery, and … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Happened to the Corbetts

This book, which has been mentioned in some ‘resilience’ circles as a ‘worth-reading’, is most definitely a book of two halves. Written by Nevil Shute in 1938, and about the impacts of aerial bombardment on an English city, it opens … Continue reading

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Will we wake up in time?

There are various answers to this, none of them cheerful. And there are various ways of ordering the answers. I’ve gone for random-ish. The first, is this: we won’t wake up “in time” because it is already “too late” – … Continue reading

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Making a parachute as you fall

I was at a truly terrifying conference the week before last (of which more later). And it occurred to happy-thoughts-me that our species is placing rather a lot of faith in its smarts/ability to roll with the punches. How much? … Continue reading

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Youtube: The Consolations of Apocalypse

…and also the consolations of conspiracy. We love endings, being special, and the existence of a Father Figure (or Mother Figure). Sigh. WordPress is having one of its periodic refuses-to-embed tanties. Here’s a link instead http://www.youtube.com/user/dwighttowering#p/a/u/0/onV9kubST28

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Capitalists, Global Warming, & the Climate Justice Movement

So, what are our prospects? Realistically speaking, we are fucked. Ten, fifteen, or twenty years will go by in a flash. Business as usual will prevail. The oil, gas, and coal companies will not be reigned (sic) in. The lumber … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: on otters, mushrooms clouds and what we need to see

There are scripts to follow when it comes to disasters. Oil spills must have black gooeyed wildlife (otters, pelicans). It’s not a real spill till they turn up. (The real damage, of course, is a lot less photogenic). And nuclear … Continue reading

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Mind Your Language: Talking About the End of the World

This 14 minute 47 “self-(indulgent)interview” is an initial response to a film called “Beyond the Tipping Point.” The makers of it said they wanted it to be a tool for activist groups. I frankly did not rate it very highly … Continue reading

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Disasturbation and “doomer porn”

More from Leavergirl and the “Leaving Babylon” website… You may well ask, what exactly is doomer porn? Unfortunately wikipedia does not yet have an entry for this phenomenon. Scouring the web, I have congealed a number of people’s meandering opinions … Continue reading

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