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Entering the bargaining phase – “guided transition” #climate #kublerross #wearetoast

There’s this tiny moment in film The Bourne Ultimatum that keeps echoing in my head. Bourne has met up with a journalist (played by Paddy Considine). He gets vital information. The journalist is a bit clueless. Bourne says “You have … Continue reading

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We are expecting the species to make a “Damoclean conversion” – and it won’t

Our lives hang by a thread. Some people die because a door that should have been locked wasn’t locked, others because they were from Minnesota. Random stuff happens. As individuals in the prosperous West, with clean water, antibiotics, surgery, and … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Happened to the Corbetts

This book, which has been mentioned in some ‘resilience’ circles as a ‘worth-reading’, is most definitely a book of two halves. Written by Nevil Shute in 1938, and about the impacts of aerial bombardment on an English city, it opens … Continue reading

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Will we wake up in time?

There are various answers to this, none of them cheerful. And there are various ways of ordering the answers. I’ve gone for random-ish. The first, is this: we won’t wake up “in time” because it is already “too late” – … Continue reading

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Making a parachute as you fall

I was at a truly terrifying conference the week before last (of which more later). And it occurred to happy-thoughts-me that our species is placing rather a lot of faith in its smarts/ability to roll with the punches. How much? … Continue reading

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Youtube: The Consolations of Apocalypse

…and also the consolations of conspiracy. We love endings, being special, and the existence of a Father Figure (or Mother Figure). Sigh. WordPress is having one of its periodic refuses-to-embed tanties. Here’s a link instead http://www.youtube.com/user/dwighttowering#p/a/u/0/onV9kubST28

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Capitalists, Global Warming, & the Climate Justice Movement

So, what are our prospects? Realistically speaking, we are fucked. Ten, fifteen, or twenty years will go by in a flash. Business as usual will prevail. The oil, gas, and coal companies will not be reigned (sic) in. The lumber … Continue reading

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