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Tiny Tim and the Law of Unintended Consequences…

This, from the people at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, is pretty funny…

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Hilarious smack-down of evolutionary psychology’s “just-so” story tendency…

I’ve read some long denunciations in my time of the tendency of “evolutionary psychologists” to invent “just-so” stories to explain how things “are” on the basis of how they might have been at some point on the savannah or wherever. … Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox firmly stated

Fermi Paradox?  If the universe is so full of little green men, why haven’t they visited? Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal?  So full of life and laughs, why haven’t you subscribed?!

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The wisdom of crowds versus theodicy; theodicy wins.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a brilliant mix of cheap knob gags and the Big Questions. Here’s the latest below.  

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Bleak as it gets, with great punchline

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. How GOOD is this stuff?!!!!!

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Viral “meh”-keting

A new record- I have topped two hundred hits on this site in one day. For some carefully crafted think piece of my own, a pondering on paradigms that seeks to crunch world views into a paper ball and bat … Continue reading

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Why I won’t join your movement

Hmm, this from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is funny, except it claims that there is an inverse correlation between being an asshole and having a high IQ.  In my experience, if there is any correlation (doubtful), it is not inverse, … Continue reading

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How we deal with arguments (SMBC)

I adore Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. The world would be a better place if everyone put SMBC in its google reader, like what I have… Here’s a recent one on the gap between what we want/need to believe about ourselves … Continue reading

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Brilliant SMBC cartoon: Physics and Economics

I’m trying to cut down on my posting (too much of a wonderful thing and all that) but this is too good to wait…

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Blackmailing myself. Oh, and this cool cartoon.

Right. On Sunday (12th June) there will be posted the following – my idea of an ideal group – activist toolkits – abeyance structures Gonna get my lazy ass into gear. Meanwhile, this is funny, from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

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