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Boring for England…

On being boring Graham’s being boring was aggressive – it was a way of controlling, and excluding, others; a way of being seen, but not seeing. It also served another purpose. Especially in the context of his psychoanalysis, it protected … Continue reading

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Dwight Towers, climate denialist!

Attention Conservation Notice: Went to a climate meeting. Left (without flouncing) early, got accused by the speaker of being a climate denialist. Funny thing is, I isn’t. What I is is fed up to the very back of my back … Continue reading

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Resuscitation for meetings, with the help of a rhesus monkey…

I have done a fair bit of event-organising over the last few years, using relatively innovative formats (some stolen, some invented).  What I found was that afterwards people who liked the format would come up and say so and then … Continue reading

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