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Epidemic of epidemiology required, or “Engel’s Condition of the protection of the Working Class in England 2013”

Matthew Engel writes (very well) for the Financial Times. In the edition of March 16/7th he has a piece on the idiotic vandalism that is the destruction of the Central Office of Information by this determined-to-destroy-the-idea-and-practice-of-collective-solutions-to-collective-problems “govern”ment of ours*. COI … Continue reading

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“We get our news from the Council”

The journalist Andrew Gilligan, making a little-noticed appearance before a House of Lords committee this week, pointed out how the near-extinction of local journalism is destroying the industry’s ecosystem. News used to emerge because, from the Penrith Advertiser to the … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the FT!

Ok ok, the title is a little disingenuous. But on the stepper at t’gym, I encountered in the space of 10 minutes (or 200 calories), two snippets of interest to armchair beardies (ABs) like me. In the FT Magazine for … Continue reading

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