Chomsky, the FT and new frugal Dwight

It had been going so well.  I’d walked down the aisles of the supermarket with my new belt-tightening brain in gear.  Past the empty calories of sugar. Past the booze (never – thank gaia – a need of mine).  And I’ve even signed up for membership of the Co-op at last.  I bought sensible stuff.  I was strong.

Then I went to the newsagent. Just to test my willpower of course.  By looking at the weekend FT (£3 – less than a pint) and not buying it.  I wrestled mightily, but I, um,  weakened (see what I did there?).  I decided that Gillian Tett and Simon Kuper were worth it.  And I handed over my coi…. HOLY CRAP.  Does that say “Plus Noam Chomsky: truth teller or anti-US crank? Lunch with the FT” under the masthead???

Yes it does.  OMFG.

And the piece, by John McDermott, the FT’s executive comment editor, is not a hatchet job.  Which is more “evidence” for my “theory” – based on the many positive reviews of anarchist and libertarian socialist artists and authors – that there is a secret cell of comsymps in the arts section.


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