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Never let people who want power/think they deserve it actually HAVE power.

From the FT Can we have too much self-esteem? At worst, high self-esteem can turn into narcissism. Jean Twenge, one of the main researchers in the field, goes as far as talking of an epidemic of narcissism, in which people … Continue reading

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Ungrateful wretches and… the planning fallacy?!

How am I ungrateful? Let me count the ways… I have a meaningful and challenging paid job, that has status attached to it, a high degree of autonomy, scope for personal and professional development. I have my “activist” (unpaid) job, … Continue reading

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Narcissistic? Moi?

So this clip below, from an interview with the authors of “The Narcissism Epidemic” sits neatly alongside other critiques of the “reality” of reality television. With celebrities, you watch the Real Housewives of New York City [or] My Super Sweet … Continue reading

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