Three stories about trust

I lend someone my video camera to take some footage, on the basis that he will meet me at place x at 11am the following day, because I need the camera to do some filming. He knows this.  I wait at place x until 12noon, go home, come back to x at about 12.20, on my way to the other place where I was going to do some filming.  No someone, no camera.  In response to my email about this he says ”

Oh dear! sorry for the confusions
I think we missed each other in few minutes as I got there bit late…

No apology for being late, but for the “confusions.”  As if his being over an hour late is somehow both our faults.  Brilliant.

At the place where I am going to do filming I find that my stall-booking has been monumentally fucked up. And the person allegedly in charge of things is more interested in making excuses and lying than in sorting things out. Right, that’s another “organisation” that can FUCK OFF.

And perhaps the most interesting is Friend A asking me about Friend B. He’d seen a recommendation of Friend B on that wonder of the modern age Facebook, where person C – whom both A and I have a healthy contempt for – had described Friend B as a “very good friend” of hers. And Friend A was therefore worried that maybe Friend B was a fuckwit poseur (on the basis that birds of a feather flock together). So, I had to reassure A that B is nothing like C and that C’s recommendation shouldn’t lower B in his estimation. Such is the work of reputation management that we all do.

Is there a common theme? Bullshitters abound, I suppose. And I hate it that I am sometimes one.

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