Death by a thousand insults – #climate change, social movement, individuals

What’s my contribution in the global scale of things? What harm am I doing by flying to Australia and back, in the face of a new power station every thirty seconds in China or India or somewhere like that. It pales into insignificance.

What does it matter if the meeting goes on a bit long? It’s good to sit around with your friends, and it teaches new people how we do things. If they don’t have the stamina, then maybe they’re not going to be reliable members of our collective….

What does it matter if…

We are changing the climate because of our decisions. Yes, we do not make those decisions completely freely. Capitalists create monopolies, destroy public provision where they can. The less money you have, the fewer choices you have, mostly. But we have choices and responsibilities (says the man about to burn 10 tonnes) in 3 weeks.

We are maintaining sclerotic and exclusive social movements because of our decisions. Yes, it would cost us aggravation and anger if we challenged bad (or non-existent) meeting design, bad facilitation, poor behaviour before/during/after meetings by other people (and ourselves). Movement leaders create invisible hierarchies, ignore and disdain innovation where they can. But we have choices and responsibilities.

We maintain our comfortable ways of doing things. Our habits of eating, travelling, interacting. We have choices and responsibilities, whether we want them or not.

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