Shock to the system – be aware of what people do after they get hit by a car…

I was doing some recreational websurfing (what used to be called “killing time” back in the day) last night.  I went to one of my old faves – “I, Anonymous”.  Someone posted about how they tried to help a pedestrian who’d been hit by a car, but he’d gotten into his own car and taken off.  Various commenters speculated about the pedestrian not wanting the police involved because of warrants, or he was carrying drugs. No-one suggested the whole Javier-Bardem-in-No-Country-for-Old-Men thing.  But then came this, which I thought was astute and worthy of sharing, in case any of the thousands and thousands of readers of Dwight Towers were in a similar siutation –

he was in shock. he had just been hit by a car. being in shock does not make a person a moron. the morons were all the people who let a person in shock and injured drive off in his car. possibly injuring someone else. there were morons in this story but it was the narrator and the bystanders. the moron was YOU, anonymous. learn some basics about an injury before pointing the moron finger, moron. you suck with your sanctimonious bullshit. your TIME was wasted? spare us the first world boo-hoo. fuck off. you are mad at yourself for not being ballsy enough to take the keys from the injured person–don’t blame others for your cowardice. YOUR inaction possibly injured other people as YOU were NOT in shock. you have no excuse, so you blame the victim. classy.


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