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Pre-occupied with morbid symptoms

Attention Conservation Notice: a few hundred words on a hecture (hectoring lecture – see what I did there?) that I turned up late for (good move) and finally left (good move). Of interest to people who were there, or have … Continue reading

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A modest proposal for… nuclear proliferation

From a comment on a nuclear post at Stan Goff’s “Feral Scholar” Curt: if the leaders Russia or the US had any sense whatsoever they would give the Iranian military a dozen extended range Pershing missles with nuclear warheads in … Continue reading

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Satire dead: RBS sponsoring Climate Week

The Guardian reports on “Climate Week splitting the green movement” Steele responds that this is “a big tent campaign. Climate Week is all about showcasing solutions, we’re trying to create a national occasion which everyone can seize, and in order … Continue reading

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