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White male scientist in “blind to privilege” shocker

So, after the three white male panelists have done their five minute spiels (and kept to their time, bless ’em), the chair asks the audience – probably about two thirds male, almost all white – if there are questions. Only … Continue reading

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We’re all in the same boat…

This cartoon, from page 127 of “Ecology for Beginners” by Stephen Croall and William Rankin (who did the illustration below) seems apposite, when we are being told by toffs and millionaires that ‘we’re all in this together’…

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Checklists and banana-boards and other unwanted symbols of our frailty

Who wants to admit they’re frail? Who wants to admit their independence and skill has peaked, or is fundamentally limited? Not many of us, frankly. And so we do not act in our own rational best interest. Maybe this is … Continue reading

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Nature article on ursine defecation patterns…

The prestigious journal Nature will not be publishing this article in a forthcoming issue.The persistence of ursine defecation patterns in arboreal and sylvan eco-systems: rhetorical artefact or empirically proven? Marc Hudson, Matthew Bright & Cassidy Irving ABSTRACT: The question of … Continue reading

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