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Jevons Paradox in the Financial Times

The FT does special reports – usually 8 pages of reportage and adverts – about lots of different issues.  On Tuesday April 24th it was the turn of “Sustainable Business” to get the treatment. In an article entitled Companies try … Continue reading

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Youtube: Jevons’ Paradox for Beginners

A youtube video with… video?! PS Kudos to Mr Towers’ mum. She was right, again. I hate that!! PPS I should have put this in the (lengthy) post queue, but am too damn proud of myself… PPS What do folks … Continue reading

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The comfort of corpses: Jevons Paradox and those rascally rabbits…

OK, that’s an unusual title. Bear with me on this. Here’s a quote from chapter five (Ecology and environmentalism in the Anglo settler colonies by Thomas R. Dunlap) of the “Ecology and Empire” book I mentioned…. Work on rabbits was … Continue reading

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Boing Boing- the rebound effect

Couple of stories recently that have caught my eye. On Thursday we heard via a report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology that working from home may not actually reduce carbon emissions (people may use their cars more for … Continue reading

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