White male scientist in “blind to privilege” shocker

So, after the three white male panelists have done their five minute spiels (and kept to their time, bless ’em), the chair asks the audience – probably about two thirds male, almost all white – if there are questions. Only about five hands go up (out of pushing fifty). All the hands are attached to white men.
There’s a proposal that we huddle in small groups for a little bit to generate questions and confidence to ask them.
This is derided by a man who is a scientist. Literally unable to see the, um, evidence in front of his eyes, he asserts “we are able to make our own questions.” Well, yes, if by “we” you mean white males, including someone who works full-time on the topic under discussion, then I guess “we” are.

Extra-ordinary. Who would have thought that those with cultural power might be able to somehow blot out evidence that they are specifically privileged? How can it be?


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